Welcome to Ella’s World

Ella Skye was diagnosed with autism at age 3 while living in England. Frustrated by the therapies available in the UK her family returned to the United States in late 2009. Ella now attends Stowe Middle School with the help of a full time aide and an amazing staff.

Ella's verbal communication skills are extremely limited. Ella is learning how to use a communication generating device called a "dynavox" or "talker." It is a portable personal computer with symbols, pictures and words which will hopefully enable Ella to increase her verbal communication.

In the meantime, we know a lot about Ella through her art. We can see she loves animals, has a great sense of humor and is very happy. When Ella isn't drawing she loves to walk in the woods or swim. In the winter she skis each week with Stowe Adaptive Sports and also loves sleigh riding. She loves speed! Ella also loves music. She loves to play the drums, pots, pans and cookie tins. Ella's favorites to listen to are mostly classical music, Queen, Mark, Ronson, Jamiroquai and Moby.